Webdominar Affiliate program.

How does it work?

It couldn't be simpler! We've streamlined our entire affiliate process to ensure ease of use. Fill the below form. We will review it and send you a confirmation email with your , Affiliate ID ( also coupon code for the customers). If a referral is interested in our services, he will be asked to show us a coupon code (e.g your ID) which will grant him 30% discount, then if he "buys" our services with your ID, you will get commission based on the number of referrals.

As an affiliate you should do the following easy steps:

1) Fill in the below form with your details. Then an Affiliate ID will be generated for you and sent to your email once we approve your registration. Save that ID, you can't request twice with the same email.
2) Share that ID - coupon code to the people, showing them what services we offer. It is very important to make them use it to grant them 30% discount.

That's it! You send us business we send you money.

Frequently asked Questions

1) What if the customers won't give my Affiliate ID?
Customers will not get any discount on our services. That ID is also a coupon code and grants them 30% discount on all of our services.
2) What if my ID is used by someone else?
You will still get commission.
3) How do you confirm that a referral belongs to me?
We kindly ask the customers (if they have) to give us a coupon code - Affiliate ID. Then we look into our backend to see who is the owner of that ID. you will get commission (on your PayPal account) based on how many customers you have sent us, as soon as the customers pay us for each project.
4) What services do you offer and what is the pricing?

We offer Web development , Internet Marketing & IMSM and SEO services. See Services and Pricing
Having more questions? contact us here

- €40/ per referral sale, for your first 5 referrals.

- €60/ per referral sale, for your next 5 referrals (6-10 referrals)

- €90/ per referral sale, for your every referral between 11-20

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